Our Team

Thane Nguyen - Owner/Manager 

Thane is our very own jetsetter that has lived in many countries and travelled to even more. Thane has travelled to over 236 cities in over 85 countries! 

Having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years he has an extraordinarily broad knowledge of many destinations. Thane’s enthusiasm for travel comes across in the service that he provides for each of his customers. 

Being originally from Vietnam and lived much of his life in Europe. Thane specialises in every aspect of travel to these Euro-Asia continents; whether it is a group tour or a self planned itinerary he can help. Thane also specialises in travel to South America having travelled the area extensively and returning regularly to the region.

If you want to know what it is like to trek Patagonia or travel in style then just ask Thane!

Zeca Ferraz - Groups Coordinator 

Born and raised in Brazil, passion runs through Zeca’s blood! His curiosity to see the world, brought him to Australia in 2004, his home for 10 wonderful years.

Zeca has travelled to over 115 cities in over 33 countries and has visited the 07 continents. He has always been passionate about leading our “Escorted Tours” especially to South America and Vietnam. The mix of cultures, culinary delights and the landscapes continues to impress him and he’s desire to explore more and more our beautiful planet.

His philosophy is: “If you go with an open heart, the whole world is yours!”
Enjoy every single moment.

Chee Chee – Travel Consultant  


From a small 6 seats plane to the new Airbus, A380 of 456 seats, Chee Chee has been on them all. She has worked for 5 major airlines during her 30 years of airline experience. Ask her any questions about flying and she would be able to give you information that is not even in the guide books!

Her love of travel has seen her travel to all the continents except Antarctica. From the air to the sea, her passion is now cruising. She has been on cruises to Alaska, East and West Mediterranean, Greek Isles, East and West Caribbean and the Panama Canal.

So come and speak to her about your next cruise and you would be able to get all the tips of the makings of a great cruise experience. Chee Chee’s caring nature will also make sure that you will have the best care and service when she plans your next holiday on air, sea or land.

Martyn Chapman - Travel Consultant 

I started working in travel in 1979 so I am approaching my 40th year of working in the industry. I have worked in the UK, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand as well as Australia for the last eight years. 
Whilst in the UK I did a mixture of retail and business travel as well as a period of working for European Rail so I have a good knowledge of the European rail system. Whilst in the UAE I worked in Dubai running a business travel agency.

Since leaving the UAE I became a New Zealand Citizen and worked in the country for 11 years. It was in New Zealand that I ignited my passion for cruising, and in 2013 I cruised aboard Carnival Spirit for the specific purpose of taking my CLIA Master Cruise qualification which I obtained that year. I have cruised on a number of Princess Cruises ships, Royal Caribbean ships and P&O Cruises ships as well as visiting and touring many different ships that visit Australian shores each year.

I am passionate about travel, especially cruising, and love to be able to provide my clients with the holiday that they deserve.

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